What is an Initial Phone Consultation? What can I expect to happen?

This initial consultation is a chance to discuss your case with attorney Morgan Allison to determine if we are a good match for you and how we will proceed initially in handling your case. The call is expected to take only about 10 minutes or so.

Will I be able to get legal advice during this call?

Mr. Allison can answer general questions about the law, but can’t advise you about your specific situation until you are a client. He can, however, direct you to online articles and videos that may be of help to you, and explain to you what the law is in general terms.

What information should I have available during the call?

We will not be going deep into the facts of the case, so you shouldn’t need much. If you have any court documents, have them handy because Mr. Allison might have questions about them.

You should have some idea about your budget for legal services and what range of fees you are expecting to pay.

What if I need more than 10 or 15 minutes to discuss my case?

Mr. Allison won’t be able to get deeply into the specific facts of your case in this initial consultation. If you need more time to discuss your case with him, he can schedule a longer follow-up call or an in-person meeting, but there will be a fee with this. Mr. Allison can discuss this further with you during your call.

What happens after the initial consultation?

If you are interested in retaining our services and Morgan Allison agrees that your case is a good fit for us, he will schedule a follow-up phone call to get started on your case. This second call is expected to take about 30 minutes to an hour and is intended to gather the information and make the arrangements necessary to get started. There is not a separate fee for this call. It is part of the quoted fee for handling your case.

What are the fees going to be?

Before the end of your call, Mr. Allison will be able to quote you an exact fee for the services discussed. This fee is likely to be in the low thousands. The entire fee is not required to get started on your case, though. The fee is usually broken into two to four payments.

What should I know about working with Morgan Allison?

You will have Mr. Allison’s personal cell phone number to reach him when you need to. It is best to call the office if you can, email us, or send him a text directly if necessary.

You won’t be able to see Mr. Allison if you just drop by the office. Mr. Allison is often out of the office and is usually only there for scheduled meetings.

You can schedule a phone or video conference with Mr. Allison as often as necessary, though. He is happy to consult with you after hours whenever needed. This availability is part of the flat fee for our services. You don’t have to worry about running up the fee by calling us. You can schedule extra in-person meetings, but these are harder to schedule and may involve extra fees.