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Our Mission is Simple:

We have a focused mission: helping to keep you and your family out of the courtroom. Unfortunately, most people haven’t properly prepared with the necessary legal instruments. They’ve virtually guaranteed their family will have to go to court over them at some point.

Why We Are the Right Attorneys for You
Life-Long Relationship
“Home Delivery”
Flat Fees
When you hire us to handle your family’s legal needs, we intend to be there for life. We know that one of the worst things you can do is have an estate plan prepared and never review it. This is why we will always be there to regularly review your plan and your legal needs with you at no extra charge.
Wherever you live in the State of Louisiana, we will deliver you the services you need without you ever needing to step foot in a lawyer’s office. When we prepare legal instruments for you, they can be delivered and notarized right at your home or office.
We only charge flat fees for our services. You will know what it will cost you to get what you need with no surprises, so you can budget with confidence.

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