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Video Mediation for Divorce and Custody

Less Pain

Going to court is a miserable experience. You might have to sit on a chair in a witness box, talking into a microphone for the entire courtroom to hear while a lawyer grills you and embarrasses you. It's much worse when children are involved. Your child will never forget it. It can also be painful and scary to have to face your former loved one in the courtroom or a lawyer's conference room. With our system, you won't be physically in the same place, just in the same "virtual" videoconference room.

Save Money

Mediation is far cheaper than litigation. It takes fewer attorney hours and the court costs are much lower. Even if you can't resolve all of the issues through mediation, and you have to fight some things out in court, you will save money because the issues have been reduced to their very essentials. It's less expensive to fight over a handful of issues than dozens.

Peace of Mind

By combining years of litigation experience with the best in online technology, we deliver an innovative approach to family law that saves money, time, frustration and pain. We can help you resolve your tough divorce and custody issues in a way that benefits everyone. You won't have to step foot in a lawyer's office. Our consultations and mediations are all handled by video. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection.

5 Steps to Prepare for Divorce

5 Steps to Prepare for Divorce

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