How to Save Money, Time and Trouble with Unbundled Legal Services

Traditional law firms provide what is called “full representation” legal services. They handle a lot of the work for you, (though less than you might expect!) and require large up-front retainers.

But, that approach isn’t for everybody. We provide “unbundled” services, which is to say: you only pay for the specific services you require and only as you need them. You can customize your legal services to suit your specific needs and finances.

We believe that sometimes full representation is necessary – when a case is highly complicated and contentious. But most of the time, with the right coaching and support from an experienced attorney, most people can handle their cases on their own.

Some of the unique features of our practice include:

  • Flat Fees for all services and a pay-as-you-go billing model
  • Video-conferencing and electronic signatures for your convenience
  • Collaboration with local notaries which saves you money AND gives you a “local office” presence.

Next Steps…

Set up a meeting with an attorney who will discuss your situation with you one-on-one and help you come up with a plan of representation that suits you.