Special Needs

What are “Special Needs?”

A person with special needs is a person who has a disability which qualifies them for state or federal benefits. When a parent has a special needs child, there are serious estate planning issues.


Special Needs Trusts

Special Needs Trusts are the cornerstone of any estate plan involving a special needs child. Learn about the Special Needs Trust and how it can benefit your family.

Continuing Tutorship

A continuing tutorship allows you to continue to serve as a guardian of your child’s interests after they turn 18. Learn about qualifying for continuing tutorship and time limits.

Calendar of Events

Click the link to go to our calendar of events state-wide that are of interest to the special needs community. It includes social events, seminars, and special events for special-needs children.

Agencies and Support Groups

Our list of Louisiana Agencies and private organizations who support those with special needs families.

Online Resources

Explore our curated list of useful resources.

All of Our Special Needs Articles

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The Book for Special Needs Estate Planning

Louisiana Estate Planning for Special Needs FamiliesMorgan Allison wrote the definitive book on estate planning for special needs families in Louisiana. Order it from Amazon or ask us about how to get a free copy.