Estate Planning

The Basics of the Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a document that allows you to share your legal powers that you have with other people. It can allow someone to take care of your personal business when you are not able to. 

Last Will and Testement

Basic Information About the Will

The will is a document that spells out what is to happen to your estate after you die. There used to be several kinds of wills in Louisiana, but now there are only two: the notarial will and the holographic will.

Trust Basics

A trust is a kind of legal arrangement used to protect assets and beneficiaries. Learn the basics of trusts and the general types of trusts available.

Estate Planning

What Is Estate Planning? Estate Planning is much more than just about handling your estate after you pass away. A good Estate Plan Includes: Protecting your legacy when you are gone Ensuring your wishes are followed when you can’t care for yourself Avoiding probate and incompetency proceedings in court Preserving your […]