Usufruct and Naked Ownersip

  Usufruct and Naked Ownership Ownership of a thing consists of two distinct sets of rights, and those sets of rights can be separated from each other. One set of rights, usufruct, is the right to use the thing and to the fruits of the thing. Usufruct includes, for example, […]

The Basics of the Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a document that allows you to share your legal powers that you have with other people. It can allow someone to take care of your personal business when you are not able to. 

Last Will and Testement

Basic Information About the Will

The will is a document that spells out what is to happen to your estate after you die. There used to be several kinds of wills in Louisiana, but now there are only two: the notarial will and the holographic will.

Trust Basics

A trust is a kind of legal arrangement used to protect assets and beneficiaries. Learn the basics of trusts and the general types of trusts available.

The Basics of Special Needs Trusts

Special Needs Trusts are the cornerstone of any estate plan involving a special needs child. They preserve government benefits when the child receives an inheritance or other major asset, and also allow you to supplement their government benefits to improve their standard of living. Special needs trusts are created to protect a […]