Firm Offers Remote Computer Assistance

For our clients and remote support staff, we can now remotely access your computer when there is a problem using one of our services. If our services seems a bit intimidating because they use systems that are unfamiliar to you, you can relax because we can walk you through how to use them.

We offer several services that use the latest in internet technology. Sometimes explaining how to access them over the phone is hard, but by using this system, we can simply show you. You will be able to follow along as we use your mouse to click where things need to be clicked!

Sometimes getting things set up is complicated and would be impractical for us to try to explain over the phone. This will let us breeze through setup so you can use the services normally thereafter.

This access is only temporary and only while you allow it. It will not endanger your computer by allowing malicious hackers.

Getting started with remote access on your end is simple. You only have to visit a webpage and type in a number which are steps we can easily explain over the phone. After that, you can sit back and let us handle the rest.