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Divorce, Separation and Custody

We understand the sensitive and complex nature of family law litigation. We have successfully handled hundreds of divorce and custody cases and will use this experience to assist you. Divorce and custody battles are often an emotional roller coaster, but with Allison & Allison on your side you can rest assured that your voice will be heard, that we will take away much of the stress and worry, and that we will work diligently to achieve the success you’re looking for in the courtroom.

You can call us and talk directly to a paralegal or book an appointment online 24-hours a day.

First Steps

It's important that you take steps immediately, some even before you chose an attorney. Here are the steps you should take right now to help make sure things work out for you the best way possible. 

1 - Keep Records and Document Your Property

Once the two of you separate, it may be difficult to put together a full picture of your property. One quick and easy way to document your personal property is to make a video. Use a smartphone to video everything you own by just walking around the house, opening drawers, describing things as you go. Walk around outside and capture outdoor items, too.

Make a copy of all the financial records you can get your hands on, going back at least a year: bank statements, bills, credit card statements, car titles.

Make a list of accounts and investments and their balances.

2 - Look at Your Finances

Consider the fact that your financial situation is going to be a bit rougher for a while. The two of you have maintained a single household on your combined income. Soon, it will have to maintain two.

Consider what your sources of income will be and what your new expenses will look like. Come up with a tentative monthly budget. If your spouse is the primary breadwinner, and the separation is going to be less than friendly, plan for how you will get along for a few months without that income. The court will eventually order your spouse to pay support, but it might take a while.

3 - Plan Your Separation

Under most circumstances, you will be required to live completely separate from each other for either 6 months or a full year to finalize a divorce. You will have to actually live under separate roofs. One of you will have to move out. Start making plans for how that will happen. Who will leave? Where will they go? What will it take to move things?

4 - Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal can help you in two very different ways: it can help you legally and also emotionally. Legally, your journal can be a useful reference and record of things that have happened in your case which you want to discuss with your lawyer or testify to in court. Emotionally, it can help you work though the pain and grief you are going through, helping you separate the emotional clouds from the level-headed "business decisions" you will have to make.

5 - Call an Attorney

Of course, the fact that you are reading this probably means you are already looking for an attorney, and that is good. It's best to get an attorney involved as quickly as possible. The longer you wait to talk to an attorney, the less effective they can be in protecting your rights and interests, since, for some things, it might be too late.

Talk to an attorney right away. It usually doesn't cost anything and can save you so much in the long run. If you are worried about your spouse finding out you are speaking to an attorney, there are ways we can help you keep it confidential.

"What Makes You Different?"

Here are some of the unique features of my law practice that make us stand out from all the others:

Flat Fees

No surprises! We only charge flat fees for our services. You will know before work starts on your case exactly how much the representation well cost. And, we can often provide an affordable payment plan that will fit your budget.

Digital Convenience

We digitize all of our documents. This means you can review any document you need right on your smart phone or computer. This speeds up the review and approval of your documents, and is more efficient and convenient.

Long-Term Support

I look at the "big picture" rather than just the immediate problem in front of me. I know what you are going through is rough, but you will get through it, and there will be new challenges to face down the road. When I take on a client, I look beyond the issues they are currently facing and help them head off potential problems in their future. 

ABout Morgan Allison

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Hi, I'm Morgan Allison. I am a family law attorney in Houma with over 15 years of experience. The majority of cases I handle are in the 32nd Judicial District Court for Terrebonne Parish, and I have represented hundreds of clients, appearing in front of every judge in this Judicial District.

I've served the community as a volunteer EMT/firefighter, District Chairman for the Boy Scouts of America, and currently as a member of the board of directors of the Houma Rotary Club.

Aside from being a lawyer, I am a consummate "computer nerd."  I've been on the web as far back as the web has existed. I love to try to bring my computer and technological skills to the service of my clients, which I think will become apparent when you experience the unique services and features we provide.


If you have a divorce or custody issue, you need to talk to a lawyer right away! The sooner a lawyer can get started working for you, the better the results will be in the long run. Steps need to be taken as soon as possible to protect you and your interests.

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