Remote Technical Assistance

We offer several hi-tech services to our clients such as video conferencing, Docubank access, and electronic documents. Sometimes our clients have problems setting up or accessing these services. This system will allow us to reach across the Internet and fix them!

Morgan Allison, in addition to being a skilled estate planning attorney, is also a “computer guru.” He is responsible for administering all the technology we use in our office. He might ask you to allow him to remotely access your computer while you are on the phone with him so that he can quickly fix any issues that come up.

If so, he will give you a session ID number that you enter into the box below and click “Connect.”

This will temporarily allow him to share control of your computer with you, but this control is only temporary. You can cancel the session at any time. After the session, your computer will be as secure as it was before from our access or from a malicious hacker.