Keeping it. Enjoying it. Passing it on.

This is the home of the State of Your Estate weekly 20-minute-ish podcast co-hosted by attorneys Morgan and Elizabeth Allison.

What It’s All About

Since we are an Estate Planning law firm, it won’t come as a shock that each episode will give you tips and advice about Estate Planning and the latest news in Estate Planning Law.  Each episode also features interviews with local experts and people of interest in Terrebonne / Lafourche, general discussion about law that affects our daily lives, and even tips and tricks to make life better! Our show is all about “Keeping it. Enjoying it. Passing it on.”

Ways to Get the Show

 You can become part of the show!

Leave a legal question or comment about the show using the recorder below or email morgan@allisonattorneys.com and we may feature you on a future “mailbag” segment. Note, though, that your questions might not be answered for weeks if at all, so if you have an urgent legal issue, you should call our offices directly at (985) 853-8557.