Seminar on Special Needs Trusts

Attorney Morgan Allison, author of Louisiana Estate Planning for Special Needs Families, is offering a free one-hour seminar on special needs trusts in collaboration with TARC. The seminar is for people who want to understand the trust and its options, and also for people who have a trust and need pointers on how to manage it.

The seminar will be held at the Main Branch of Terrebonne Parish Library, June 19 at 5:45 pm.

The seminar includes:

What an SNT is and how it works

You will learn about trusts in general and the special state and federal laws that apply to Special Needs Trusts.


Management and administration

You will get the knowledge you need to manage your loved one’s trust prudently and to avoid the pitfalls that can cause a public agency to consider the trust void, ruining its protection and endangering benefits.


How to enrich your loved one’s life right now

Many trusts are set up in such a way that they don’t do anything until you pass away. But, by setting up the trust now and through proper management, your loved one can receive financial support from the trust now without risking their public benefits


Setting up a full legal net of protection

Your SNT is a part of a legal net of protection extending well beyond just public benefits. The SNT is just part of the picture. What would happen to your loved one if you became disabled or incapacitated? Are there systems and people in place, and do they have the legal tools they will need? A complete estate plan extends protection over all aspects of your, and your loved ones’, lives.


Free, exclusive benefits

Participants will receive a free copy of Mr. Allison’s book and exclusive offers for further legal services whether you need a trust or already have one.


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