Be a Paid Social Media Producer for the Special Needs Community

My vision for our Facebook page, website and newsletter is for them to be some of the best resources for the special needs community in Louisiana, and I could use some help!

I tried to do it all myself, and… that just doesn’t work.

I thought about looking on “Fiverr” or some other kind of “gig economy” resource, because I only need someone to put in a couple of hours a week, but then in occurred to me: what I really need is someone with a connection to the community, and I am betting there are people out there who would be willing to help out and be part of our team!

So, I am offering $20.00 per week for about 2-3 hours of work at home on the computer. It involves helping me keep the community abreast of the latest news and events that they would want to know about.

Here is what you would need:

  • A reasonable amount of computer skill. You need to be good with email, be able to upload and download images, that sort of thing. I’ll be willing to teach specifics on using different services, but you have to be proficient with the basics of getting around online and on your computer.

  • To be able to create graphically pleasing post images (probably using Pablo, Canva, or something similar).

  • A laptop or desktop computer. (I don’t think a smartphone or tablet is going to cut it.)

  • A high-speed internet connection.

  • To be willing to take payment on PayPal.

  • An interest in serving the special needs community of Louisiana.


If interested, click here to apply no later than July 12 @ 5pm.