How Google Maps is helping my nonverbal son communicate

Nonverbal Boy Communicates with Google Maps

Issac is a boy with severe autism who cannot communicate verbally. His mother, Miriam Gwynne, writes about how he discovered a way to communicate with google maps. 

At first, Issac used google maps to trace the routes he had actually traveled.

Wherever I take Isaac, whether it is somewhere he is familiar with, or hundreds of miles away to a place he has never been before, he has a special talent of retracing the exact route once home using just google street map and his incredible memory.

In time, though, he began expressing his needs solely through the use of google maps. He could use it to show places he wanted to go, but it went farther:

Two weeks ago though he shocked me once again. He was more lethargic than usual and quiet (he may not speak but he makes a lot of noise!). He came and sat beside me and used his skill on google street map to take himself to the doctors surgery! For the first time ever he was able to communicate that he was feeling unwell! This was incredible. I cried. It was nothing serious thankfully but to be able to say he communicated he was not feeling good to a doctor was amazing.